AHFS Ninja Insect Spray

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The AHFS Ninja Spray is the Insect Spray on steroids! It is effective against mosquitoes, flies & midges, the most effective natural insect spray available. Available in 1 litre. 

It contains a combination of:

  • Natural DEET: insects land but do not bite
  • Picaridin: insects are less likely to land
  • Azadirachtin: repels, interferes with insect hormone system , reduces the feeding of nemotodes. 

Suggested use: Spray directly onto coat. Apply at leats twice a day. Do not rinse. Avoid the eye area.

Ingredients: Rooibos tea, Azadirachtin (3500ppm), Lemon Eucalyptus, Picardin, Azadirachtin, Capsaicin, Diallyl Thiosufonate

Please note product is 100% natural & product separation will occur. Please shake VERY WELL before decanting, before spraying & during spraying.